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The Tulloch 1895 Wine Club rewards our most loyal customers with a host of exclusive Member-only benefits and priority pricing. With the ability to select your own wines from over 25 varietals and the flexibility to choose your own order frequency. Experience the value of a wine club that offers you comprehensive personalisation and choice. 
We call it wine, your way!


We extend membership privileges in good faith that you will meet your minimum commitment of 2 dozen wines a year (outside of special offer purchases). 

We commit to giving you as much flexibility as possible, with every order you place individually personalised by you with options around frequency, delivery times and the amount of wine you receive.


6 bottles of wine of your choice, 4 times a year, in 4 months

1 dozen wines of your choice, 2 times a year, in 2 months

2 dozen wines of your choice in one month

1 dozen wines of your choice, 4 times a year, in 4 months

Alternatively, if you would like to create your own delivery schedule, get in touch and we will customise your membership, as long as you commit to a minimum of 2 dozen wines of your choice a year. 


Q. Can I choose the wines I receive in my nominated delivery months?

A. YES. You can mix and match any of our whites, reds, sparkling and fortified wines or simply select a straight varietal. Alternatively, our pre-selected tasting dozens are a popular option where we curate a selection of red, white or red and white wines for you.


Q. I’m not sure what wines to choose?

A: Your Member Concierge is here to help, so get in touch and let one of our trusted team guide you through your choices and help you identify your preferences. We can also provide you with detailed tasting notes to help you make an informed decision.  


Q. How will you contact me?

A. We use post, email, and SMS to contact you with a few reminders during your commitment months to make your personalised Wine Club selection. We will also occasionally contact you with other great deals, discounts, and new releases. You can remove yourself from this communication. However, doing so does not automatically remove yourself from the ongoing commitment of the Wine Club and you will also miss out on receiving our special offers and invites to member-only events.  


Q. If I don’t reply to the email from Tulloch Wine requesting purchase will I be charged for and sent any wine?

A. YES. But don't worry, this is a last resort, we will contact you via email & SMS to ensure you secure your own selection. If we do not receive an order or reply by the nominated date, you will be dispatched one of our pre-selected tasting selections or we'll make a selection for you based on your previous purchases. Tulloch will send a reminder at the beginning of your selected month and mid-way through your selected month. By not replying or placing an order, as per above, you will be charged for and dispatched wine as per your selected commitment.  Make sure you make a safe sender in your email program to ensure you receive the reminders or give us a call if you need to chat about your delivery, we are here to help.


Q. When l join the club and buy some wine, does this wine count towards my two commitment months obligation?

A. YES. Your initial purchase will count if this is one of your chosen months otherwise the 20% discount is extended to your first dozen wines in good faith that you will purchase a minimum two dozen wines in each of your scheduled delivery months.


Q. Do I have to be a member for a certain length of time?

A. YES. Tulloch requests a minimum annual commitment or a minimum two dozen wine purchase. Which includes your initial purchase. A cancellation fee of $20 is payable should you wish to cancel your membership prior to the 2 dozen commitment. You may cancel your membership via email or written correspondence.

Q. Can I purchase outside of my nominated months?

A.  YES. And we suspect you'll want to when you see some of the amazing special offers!  However, special offer purchases do not count towards your minimum commitment of 2 dozen wines annually.


Q. Can I change my nominated delivery frequency, months or selections?

A. YES. Because we have a range of flexible options around months, frequency etc, you can move between the options, as long as you fulfill your commitment of 2 dozen wines annually.  Just get in touch and we'll help find the right arrangement for you. 


Q. If my wine is broken in transit, will I have to pay for replacement bottles and delivery?

A. We will always replace wine that is damaged or broken in transit free of charge.


Q. Have I missed something in the fineprint?

A. NO.  The most important thing to us is that you love the wine you're with and have an amazing customer service experience that you will want to share with like minded-wine lovers.  We are here to surprise and delight you and be at your service, so get in touch at anytime if you are not 100% satisfied with your membership.  It's wine, your way. 

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