Our Vineyards

Tulloch Wines sources fruit from our own vineyards as well as from growers around the Hunter Valley and emerging NSW wine regions.  We are lucky enough to enjoy long term established relationships with all our growers and are firm believers in the philosophy of 'great wines are made in the vineyard'.  This close relationship and mutual respect, allows us to ensure all our wines are a true reflection of place and regional typicity. 


The Cuttings: This block was planted in 2010 from cuttings taken from the original Glen Elgin Vineyard across the road from the cellar doors current location.  The original vineyard formed part of the initial 5 acre plot of shiraz vines that passed to the Tulloch family as payment of a debt in 1895. The exact clone or age of the vineyard is unknown, but it certainly pre-dates 1895, with the original cuttings most likely being descended of the early  vines introduced to Australia in the early 1800's. 

The Grafts:  As the name suggests this vineyard was grafted from Chardonnay to Shiraz in 2005.  The original Chardonnay vineyard was planted in 1988, with the first vintage of fruit from the grafted vines coming to fruition in 2006.  The cutting material grafted onto the Chardonnay came from the old Tallawanta vineyard, estimated to have been planted in the 1920's and the old Glen Elgin vineyard, which pre dates 1895.

New Glen Elgin Vineyard:  This vineyard was planted by JYT (Jay Tulloch) in 2002 and named in honour of the original Glen Elgin vineyard.  This vineyard frames the entrance to the Tulloch Cellar Door on the corner of McDonalds and DeBeyers Road in the traditional Parish of Pokolbin. 

Julia Semillon: In 1988 Jay Tulloch planted the Julia Semillon vineyard on his home property on a block of land which has been in the Tulloch family for over 50 years.  Characterised by the rich terra rosa soil that made many of the original Hunter Valley names famous with their plantings along the foothills of the Brokenback Mountain Range, the Julia Semillon has come to be recognised as a flagship Hunter Valley Semillon. Only produced in exceptional years, the Julia Semillon is the only single vineyard wine consistently produced by Tulloch since 2003, with the small planting ensuring very limited supply. 

JYT Verdelho: Planted by JYT on his home property in 1990 and then extended in 1995, this is our flagship Verdelho planting in the Hunter Valley. While small in volume, it is testament to JYT's belief in Verdelho as the perfect variety to grow in the Hunter, as well as a reflection of his risk adverse nature.  An early ripener and disease resistant, this small parcel of fruit is generally used to make our Vineyard Selection Verdelho. 

Inglewood Vineyards:  Located in the upper reaches of the Hunter Valley at Denman, this spectacular vineyard is uniquely positioned on the banks of the Hunter River on a landmark viticultural site.  The north-easterly aspect of the gently sloping red loam hillsides creates the ideal environment for premium viticulture.  Inglewood vineyard was planted in 1989 and is the home of our Tulloch Verdelho plantings, as well as our main source of Chardonnay and Semillon fruit, for which it has received many accolades.


Orange:  Tulloch has been sourcing fruit from one of the orange region’s largest vineyards at Panuara 35km outside of Orange in the Central West of NSW for over 10 years now.  A strong working relationship with this high altitude grower has been integral in the development of our Cellar Door Release range of wines, exploring new and emerging wine regions and varietals.  Vermentino, Verdelho, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, Cabernet, Shiraz and Tempranillo are all sourced from this vineyard which was planted in 1998.


Hilltops: Located in Southern New South Wales near the township of Young, this vineyard was one of the first established in an area usually known for growing cherries. Situated in a unique micro climate with a range of diverse sites and soil types, this vineyard can produce a broad range of varietals from within a single region.  Tulloch has been sourcing Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, Sangiovese, Shiraz and Zinfandel from this vineyard for many years, with the Tulloch connection dating back to over 25 years with this grower. This relationship has also been integral to the success of our Cellar Door Release range and has led to great success with our alternative varietals and styles on the wine show circuit.


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