Wine not? Unconventional wine pairings that surprisingly work

Wine surprises us every day, and that’s why we love it. How we experience the same varietal can change on so many factors; one tiny change to weather in one season can produce a new exciting taste for that year, or just by changing what we’re drinking our favourite wine with can alter the flavour experience. Sure, we’re never saying no to the perennial pairing winners like cheeses, pasta dishes and cured meats… But, there are some incredible pairings that’ll have you saying ‘It’s not weird at all guys… in fact, the fruity notes in this tempranillo are a perfect match for the flavour combinations of this cheeseburger’. Here are some unconventional wine pairings that surprisingly work…


Spicy foods and Pinot Gris

Pinot gris has a really delicious sweetness to it, thanks to notes of honey and peach, that balance the acidic base and heat of a lot of spicy dishes, especially for Thai and Indian cuisine. The varietal soothes the palate, and any subtle floral or herbal notes can add complexity to the dish’s flavour. A great balance of sweetness and medium-bodied texture make it an excellent choice if you’re seeking an enjoyable and well-rounded dining experience.


Popcorn and Cuvee 

We’re not saying take a thermos of sparkling into the cinema (the stainless steel would ruin the flavour…). However, the buttery, salty goodness of popcorn contrasting with the crisp acidity of cuvee is genuinely one of the best taste combinations we’ve ever experienced. The contrast between the rich, savoury flavours of the popcorn and the light, refreshing qualities of cuvee adds a layer of complexity to the tasting. This combination is an example of how contrasting elements in food and wine can enhance each other, proving that sometimes the most unexpected path is the best one (you can print that quote on a canvas…™us).


Cheeseburgers and Tempranillo

Yep. We weren’t kidding in the intro. Now, don’t ask us how we found this out, but the soft red fruit notes in Tempranillo genuinely pair perfectly with meaty flavours in a burger. Now, full disclosure, we’re not talking about a Big Mac. (Sorry if you got excited there…). This is more for a homemade burger of premium quality mince meat, even something like kangaroo meat for a fuller flavour, with cheddar cheese for traditional go-to or, hear us out, blue cheese. There are a lot of rich flavours together, but it’s a-mazing and Tempranillo’s soft tannins balance it out beautifully. It’s kind of the beauty and the beast of wine pairings. 


Tacos and Sem Sav blanc

Ok ok ok, no one is trying to threaten margaritas here… But this is definitely worth a try. Tacos and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc make for a delightful pairing due to the varietal's zesty acidity and bright citrus that complement the various flavours and textures found in tacos. It really doesn’t matter what iteration of taco you take - typically, we find, the flavour and texture combinations of tacos tend to align consistently with the wine’s notes. Sem Sav Blanc also acts as a perfect palate cleanser between bites of spiced meat, fresh salsa, and creamy guacamole (something the marg just can’t compete with). The lively nature of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc enhances the flavours but also adds a new flavour to the dish’s experience overall. 


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