Tulloch team's winding road to wine-loving - Part 1

The Tulloch journey is a tale of history and discovery, shaped by generations of wine enthusiasts. From James Tulloch's humble dream in 1838, to our current thriving legacy in the Hunter Valley, our shared passion for wine has stood the test of time.

Let’s time travel back to 1982 when our iconic Tulloch Verdelho had just burst onto the scene. This fresh and tropical drop, featuring a zesty finish, quickly became a staple in our ever evolving portfolio. Beyond the pristine fruit and approachable style that won the hearts of many, there was a narrative behind every bottle… A story crafted by our staff, our team, our family. The backbone of Tulloch; consistently harvesting and bottling new releases.

While we could sit here and boast about our premium wines (though we're happy to do so!) it's important to acknowledge that each bottle has its own unique story. A unique story that is driven by the personal touch of our team, turning each and every Tulloch bottle into a memorable experience. So, let's dive into the tales of our team, exploring their unique journey into the wine industry. Maybe, just maybe, their stories will influence your own path to a wine-centric world!



We don’t want to be cheesy, but sometimes you don't choose the wine life… the wine life chooses you! For Justina, this was quite clearly the case, being a part of the Tulloch journey since she could ever remember. In her childhood, Justina's fondest memories engrained forever in her minds include eagerly rising early to witness the first harvester, and taking rides on her father's tractor as he navigated with a load of freshly harvested grapes. Second daughter to Jay & Julie Tulloch and (slightly) older sister to current CEO, Christina; Justina worked abroad for over 20 years.

Despite no pressure from her parents, three out of the four Tulloch children, including Justina, found their way back to the wine industry, drawn by the magnetic allure of the wine and food they grew up around. Returning to Australia in 2018, Justina officially joined Tulloch in 2019, spearheading efforts in establishing new markets, products, and partnerships. Her global journey, spanning from China to Morocco, adds a unique dimension to Tulloch's pursuit of international acclaim. Persistently extending the essence of Tulloch worldwide, Justina remains dedicated to making a positive impact on the collective wine experience, whether through significant changes or small, meaningful contributions.



Christina Tulloch (the name sounds familiar right?) is the face behind Tulloch Wines. Stepping into the family tradition as the fourth generation, Christina assumed the role of CEO, orchestrating the winery's triumphs since 2003. Transitioning from a background in journalism and public relations, she discovered her true passion at the cellar door, through being captivated by the wine industry's unique charm and personality from a young age. 

Engaged actively in all of Tulloch’s operations, Christina’s impact into the wine industry doesn’t stop there… She is also an active member of the Australian Wine industry, having previously held esteemed positions including President of the ‘Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association’, as well as a board member of the ‘Winemakers Federation of Australia’. It’s safe to say that Christina is a bit of an industry celebrity! 

Embodying the legacy of her great-grandfather, and founder James Tulloch, her leadership has been pivotal in steering Tulloch Wines into a thriving direct-to-consumer business, solidifying its standing as one of the Hunter Valley's most respected brands. 



Diving straight into the heart of our Wine Club, Ady's journey to our cellar door is a captivating tale of adventure and discovery. With a background steeped in hospitality, Ady made the leap from Sydney to the Hunter in 2000. Driven by the desire for a more balanced "9-5" rhythm, Ady went from  a small Patisserie owner to a cellar door maestro!

Guided by Brad, our General Manager, Ady’s move paid off, embracing the wine industry as a Cellar Door Manager in a boutique winery in Mt View. Fast forward eight and a half years, and Ady has smoothly transitioned to curating personal and delightful experiences for all of our Wine Club members. In the past 15 years, Ady has seen the Hunter Valley transform from a wine-focused spot to a lively hub of tourism and family fun; a testament to the ever-changing landscape of this thriving region. 



Fifteen years ago, Annie began her venture into the wine industry, skillfully balancing the rich tapestry of grapevines with the joys of raising a young family. However this was not always the case… With a unique background in selling explosives to local mines, Annie was a jack of all trades. It didn't take long however for the wine world to reciprocate, with her love for a drop outshining all!  

In recent years, Annie's fortune led her to transitioning into the Wine Club, a role in which she curates a personally tailored experience for all our cherished members. The annual members luncheon, a personal highlight, unfolding against the scenic backdrop of the Hunter Valley, through Annie’s expertise in showcasing Tullochs premium and extensive range.


Meet our team and begin your wine journey through our 1895 Wine Club! Enjoy the rewards, members-only benefits and priority pricing by signing up to the wine club today, or email wineclub@tullochwines.com for more information. 

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