Jay Tulloch receives OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia)!

We are delighted to announce that John (Jay) Younie Tulloch (JYT), 3rd generation of the famed Tulloch Wine family, has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), one of Australia's highest honours this Australia Day, January 26 2024. 


The OAM is a recognition of service that acknowledges outstanding achievements in a particular field which have in turn left a lasting imprint on the community. A fitting endorsement as JYT celebrates his 62nd Hunter Valley vintage in 2024. 


Nominated for his contributions to the Australian Wine Industry, JYT has had an ever-lasting impact on the Australian wine landscape, including his induction as a Living Legend at the Hunter Valley Legends & Wine Industry Awards in 2009.


We think there is no better way to celebrate this achievement than by delving into the incredible and influential tale of JYT and his Hunter Valley journey. 


A storied journey - Tullochs revival


Tulloch's journey is no fairy tale, but a tale of resilience, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In 1965, tragedy struck the Tulloch family with the passing of Hector Tulloch at the age of 72,  and JYT, a relatively young 21 years of age, had only been alongside his father in the business for 3 years. 


With no clear succession plan, subsequent years saw Tulloch Wines sold outside of the family for the first time in 1969. In 1973, JYT assumed the role of Assistant to the General Manager eventually working his way up to General Manager, navigating the company through numerous ownership changes. Tired of the many corporate ownership changes, in 1996 Jay parted ways with Tulloch, who at the time were owned by Southcorp. Shortly after, JYT founded his personal wine brand the JYT Wine Co. with his wife Julia, who have now been married for 55 years. 


The pivotal year of 2001 marked a turning point in Tulloch’s history, as the opportunity emerged to reclaim the old family company from Southcorp Wines. JYT, in collaboration with long-term associates, ushered in a new era for J.Y. Tulloch & Sons. His leadership and commitment to premium Hunter Valley wines brought the Tulloch name back to its roots, and the journey continued…


JYT’s legacy


JYT’s tenure as Managing Director showcased his dedication and commitment to the Tulloch name, steering it through corporate transitions and industry challenges. Under his guidance the Tulloch brand experienced a resurgence, with iconic labels like Pokolbin Dry Red and Hunter River White reclaiming their prominence. Not one to rest on his laurels, JYT spurred on the company's growth, nearly doubling production in the initial four years and sustaining momentum since.


In 2024, Tulloch Wines celebrated its 129th anniversary and JYT marked his 62nd Hunter Valley vintage. His active engagement in the Australian Wine Industry since 1962 is a testament to a lifelong dedication to the craft. Even in his current role as a consultant, JYT imparts his wealth of knowledge in winemaking and vineyard operations.


Contributions beyond the vineyards


JYT's influence extends beyond the confines of the vineyards. A respected figure in the Australian Wine Industry, he has not only championed the Tulloch brand, but he has also supported and mentored numerous industry figures, contributing to the overall growth of the Australian wine community.


His involvement in various industry organisations and roles, such as President of the Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association and Board member of the NSW Wine & Brandy Corporation, reflects a commitment to advancing the industry's interests. JYT’s initiatives, from opposing the construction of an aluminium smelter in the 1980s to spearheading the restoration of the Pokolbin ANZAC memorial gates in 2019, are just some of his many broader influences on the local community.


Recognised as a Hunter Valley Living Legend in 2009, Jay Tulloch's influence is deeply embedded in the region's history. His advocacy for Hunter hero varietals such as Verdelho, Semillon, and Shiraz has not only shaped the Tulloch legacy, but has also contributed to the broader recognition of these varietals in the Australian wine landscape.


As we look back and celebrate the achievements of JYT, we understand that this OAM is not just another piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet, but more so a symbol of a lifetime devoted to the Australian Wine Industry and the Hunter Valley community. It signifies resilience, leadership, and an enduring commitment to excellence, values of which have defined the Tulloch name for generations. As JYT’s daughters, Christina and Justina, also now continue the family legacy at Tulloch Wines.  The OAM stands as a recognition not just of past achievements, but as a guiding light for all of Tullochs future endeavours. Let’s together raise a glass for the efforts and contributions of our very own JYT. 


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