Glen Elgin Single Malt Whiskey - LIMITED RELEASE

The addition of the Glen Elgin 12 year old Single Malt Whisky to the Tulloch Misfits & Mates range is a nod to the Scottish heritage of the Tulloch family. In the 1400's a Bishop Tulloch was appointed Bishop of Morayshire based in Elgin. From this foundation the Tulloch family grew in the town of Elgin and surrounding areas. In 1838, James Tulloch emigrated from Elgin to New South Wales and settled in the Hunter. By 1895 James' grandson John Younie became a vigneron on a property they named 'Glen Elgin' and the 1st generation of Tulloch Wines was born.

A typical Speyside whisky, it’s complex and fragrant often described as a ‘fruitcake in a bottle'. On the palate it is soft and malty, delivering flavours of honey and lightly salted butter on toasted sultana loaf, plus hints of tiramisu. Drink a dram straight or on the rocks or try one of our Whisky cocktails included as a set of 4 cards with any purchase of Glen Elgin!